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Total Wireless


Introducing Total Wireless, the no-hassle phone company. When we started, we looked around, listened hard, and saw that people wanted to connect to family, friends, the web — you know, everything but contracts. So we found a way to give them the freedom and affordability they deserve — all on America’s largest network. At Total Wireless, we’ve made it our mission to give our customers an experience that’s totally on their terms.

Simple Mobile

Unlimited Plans

Enjoy unlimited Talk and Text with all our 30-day plans, and save 5% when you enroll in Auto-Refill.

  • $25Monthly

    $2370 with
    Auto Refill
    talk & text

    for one device/line

  • $35Monthly

    $3320 with
    Auto Refill
    5 GB

    for one device/line

  • $60Monthly

    $5700 with
    Auto Refill
    15 GB

    shared* on up to 2 devices/lines.

  • $85Monthly

    $8070 with
    Auto Refill
    20 GB

    shared* on up to 3 devices/lines.

  • $100Monthly

    $9500 with
    Auto Refill
    25 GB

    shared* on up to 4 devices/lines.


You can save 5% when enrolling in Auto-Refill. The discount applies to your monthly charges, but will not apply to any Service Plan already in your Total Wireless Reserve.

  • $10


    of Data

  • $10



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